Technical Program

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The Technical Program of WSE 2012 will include the presentation and discussion of 4 full papers and 9 short papers. Full papers will have 20 minutes for presentation and 10 for discussion. Authors of short papers will have 10 minutes for presenting their idea and preliminary results and 10 minutes for discussion.

Time Activity
8:30-9:00 Registration

Scott Tilley, General Chair (Florida Institute of Technoogy, USA)
Gustavo Rossi, Program Co-Chair (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina)
Damiano Distante, Program Co-Chair (Unitelma Sapienza University, Italy)

Session 1 - Verification, Testing, and Security (Session Chair: Roberto Paiano, University of Salento, Italy)
° Automated Verification of Role-based Access Control Security Models Recovered from Dynamic Web Applications
Manar Alalfi, James Cordy and Thomas Dean
° Visual Testing of Graphical User Interfaces: An Exploratory Study Towards Systematic Definitions and Approaches (short paper)
Ayman Issa, Jonathan Sillito and Vahid Garousi
° Security Evolution of the Webkit Browser Engine (short paper)
Renata Hodovan and Akos Kiss
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
Session 2 – Adoption and Evaluation (Session Chair: Cornelia Boldyreff, University of East London, UK)
° An Exploratory Survey on SOA Knowledge, Adoption and Trend in the Italian Industry
Maurizio Leotta, Filippo Ricca, Marina Ribaudo, Gianna Reggio, Egidio Astesiano and Tullio Vernazza
° A Case Study of the use of Open Source CMS in Public Administrations (short paper)
Giuseppe Destefanis, Roberto Tonelli, Luisanna Cocco, Giulio Concas and Michele L. Marchesi
° Is the Web ready for in-car infotainment? A browser performance test framework suited for embedded vehicle hardware
Simon Isenberg, Matthias Goebl and Uwe Baumgarten
° Evaluation of Java-based Open Source Web Frameworks with Ajax Support (short paper)
Björn Buchner, Axel Böttcher and Christian Storch
12:40-14:00 Lunch
Session 3 – Model-Driven Development and Education (Session Chair: Roberto Echeverria, University of Extremadura, Spain)
° Towards a Lightweight Model Driven Method for Developing SOA Systems Using Existing Assets
Maurizio Leotta, Gianna Reggio, Filippo Ricca and Egidio Astesiano
° Model-Driven and Metrics-Driven User Experience Re-modeling for Rich Internet Applications (short paper)
Luca Mainetti, Roberto Paiano and Andrea Pandurino
° Development of Flexible Process-Centric Web Applications: An Integrated Model Driven Approach (short paper)
Mario Luca Bernardi, Marta Cimitile, Giuseppe Di Lucca and Fabrizio Maria Maggi
° Educating Tomorrows Web Systems Developers (short paper)
Ruth G. Lennon
15:30-15:50 Coffee Break
Session 4 – Reverse Engineering and Evolution (Session Chair: Kenny Wong, University of Alberta, Canada)
° Normalizing Object-oriented Class Styles in JavaScript (short paper)
Widd A. Gama, Manar H. Alalfi, James R. Cordy and Thomas R. Dean
° Patterns of Creation and Usage of Wikipedia Content (short paper)
Andrea Capiluppi, Ana Claudia Duarte Pimentel and Cornelia Boldyreff
° Generation of WebML Hypertext Models from Legacy Web Applications (short paper)
Roberto Rodriguez-Echeverria, Jose Maria Conejero, Pedro J. Clemente, Dolores Villalobos and Fernando Sanchez-Figueroa
° Query and Topic Sensitive PageRank for General Documents (short paper)
Shota Hatakenaka and Takao Miura
17.10-17.30 WSE 2012 closing
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